PNI IT Solutions is a division of PNI International that offers offshore I.T. Staffing Solutions. Our IT staffing services cover real time reports, high quality I.T. and offshore graphic design work, and a cost effective I.T. and graphics design work force.

Our services include I.T. Executive Searches, I.T. Contracting and IT Staff Leasing.

Offshore Graphic Designers and Web Designers

PNI IT Staffing Solutions can source your graphic designer staffing requirements whether for offshore graphic design work or on a contractual employment basis.

Junior Web Designer / Graphics Designer

Entry level designers are capable of building basic web banners, sample graphic content and graphic materials. They will have a Photoshop experience of at least 1-3 years and a minimum knowledge of Flash, and will be able to handle the creation of basic website designs. Their job will generally consist of assisting more experienced graphic designers.

Senior Web and Graphic Designer

An expert level designer with about 3-5 years web and graphic design work and expert level in Photoshop with advanced Flash skills. They will be able to create fast-loading websites which will have reliable features and reflect aesthetic appeal as well as handle non-web based graphic projects such as marketing brochure and material.

Master Web / Graphic Designer

Will have the same expertise as the Senior Web and Graphic Designer but a greater degree of education. They will also have at least 3 years experience in a marketing and/or advertising department and can create excellent marketing materials. These are the people who are passionate about web and graphic designing and possess a high level of achievement in the fields of both graphic design as well as marketing.

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Outsourcing to the Right Graphic Designer

The graphic designer is a crucial part of every company. Marketing collaterals and sales campaigns for print, TV, and websites all rely on good visuals, which fall under graphic design.

For small-to-medium businesses, however, hiring a full-time graphic designer or two can prove to be costly, especially when the sales and marketing needs of your company aren't heavy. This is when outsourcing comes in.

As I mentioned in the past article, IT staff outsourcing is a very viable option as it relieves your business of the hassles of hiring and managing your workforce, which translates to maximized earnings and minimized expenses. You can either outsource the whole process (including recruitment) to a staffing agency, or you hire offshore designers off-site.

For the latter, it is important to note that graphic design is a specialized part of IT, so here are some helpful tips to consider in choosing the right staff for the job:

1. Judge your outsourced graphic designer candidates based on their portfolio. The portfolio will help you gauge the designer's sense of style, level of professionalism, and attention to detail, more so than a resume.

3. When interviewing graphic designers, pay attention to the way they handle time pressure, pay attention to detail, and handle people. Most often than not, the design stage requires many changes before the final look is approved by all the parties involved. Your graphic designers should be open to constructive criticisms and changes.

4. Since graphic design is normally the first step in most IT projects and marketing campaigns, make sure you have your graphic design staff ready at least a week before the project.

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